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Tom Bossenger

Tom Bossenger

San Diego, CA, US

Coming from a print, digital and social media marketing background, Tom brings a youthful and modern approach to the way yachts are marketed. His understanding of not only Seach Engine Optimization but also Social Media has allowed California Yacht Sales to grow and thrive in both areas in a relatively short amount of time. As the son of Ian Bossenger, he has been a part of the company for many years as he grew up. From helping and presenting at boat shows up and down the coast to assisting on various deliveries, California Yacht Sales has been a significant part of his life for the last 15 years.  Now that he works with the company full time, you can find him either in the office or on the docks nearly every day, especially since he now calls a boat his home. 

In his free time, he enjoys photography, fishing, and is an avid golfer. While the fishing and golfing may not translate into yacht sales, his photography and videography is featured in many of the listings featured by California Yacht Sales. His personal photography can be viewed by visiting Instagram and searching his username, TheTomBoss. He's not aftraid to get out of his chair to show boats, so feel free to contact him anytime you want to see a listing! 

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