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40' Avanti is "A Whole Lotta Boat"

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on your dream express cruiser. Not just a budget practical cruiser either, but your dream cruiser.  You’re probably picturing a big cockpit, a comfortable and fully equipped helm station, beautiful lines, a wide beam, the wind in your hair, and all of your favorite people alongside you for the ...
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Carver 41 Cockpit Motor Yacht

The ability to get away from the daily grind out on the open water is dream come true for yacht owners. But sometimes after a few days afloat with friends and family, finding a new anchorage turn out to be less important than finding some personal space away from spouses, friends, and family. And that’s where the designers of Carver 41 CMY...
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Ready to Race or Cruise Fast!

In 1975 Rod Johnstone was a salesman with a vision. While working as an ad rep for a sailing trade magazine Rod dreamed of building the 24-foot sailboat he had been designing since he completed the Westlawn School of Yacht Design course in the 1960s. In 1976, with only $400, Rod cobbled together enough fiberglass, wood, and rigging to build the ...
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Carver Offers Five Decades of Experience

Like many of the world’s great businesses, Carver Yachts began with humble origins and big dreams. Hobbyists Charles Carter and George Verhagen began crafting mahogany-planked, high-speed runabouts in a Milwaukee garage in 1954. As word of their artistry spread, Carter and Verhagen were showered with requests from local boaters eager to ob...
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Meridian Yachts Exude Quality Craftsmanship

The name Meridian Yachts has been synonymous with livability, maneuverability, and durability since the brand was launched by Brunswick Boat Group in 2002. Today Meridian holds the crown as the most popular bridge boat brand in the USA. Built in Knoxville, Tennessee, Meridian—together with its cruising Brunswick cousin Sea Ray—outsol...
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Hershine Offers Quality Through and Through

Hershine Yachts delivered its first trawler in 1977 and the Taiwan-based company has built over 1250 yachts in the past 36 years. That kind of experience has made Hershines some of the most popular trawlers in the world. One of the company’s most popular trawlers, the Hershine 37’0”, is as economical as it is seakindly. The Her...
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Californian Lives On and On in its' Name State

Way back in the 1970s trawler yachts were known for several things: they were roomy and comfortable, decidedly seakindly, and fuel efficient. Trawlers were also seen as maddeningly slow when compared to sport fishers and other powerboats, they were expensive, and they were all built overseas. However, these views were magnificently shattered by ...
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Bayliner Has Been Leading the Way for Decades

Ever since Orin Edson established Bayliner in 1956, the company has been an industry leader in quality, affordability, and safety. And with three generations of loyal customers dedicated to the Bayliner brand, the company did something unique in 2000. Bayliner invited dealers, their families and select customers, from all over the county to the ...
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Union Polaris Is Timeless Quality in a Sailing Yacht

Union Polaris yachts are some of the most beautiful sailboats on the water, with timeless lines and classic beauty. Originally conceived in California in the early 1970s by John Edwards, a Long Beach high school teacher, the design was created by world-renowned naval architect Robert H. Perry. Originally conceived as the Hans Christian 34, Edwa...
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Maxum Powerboats Represent Good Value!

With its broad versatile lineup, Bayliner is the great granddaddy of American powerboat manufacturers. Founded in 1957 by Orin Edson in Pipestone Minnesota the company’s 300 employees began constructing Maxum runabouts in the 1970s. In the early 1990s, production of sport cruisers and yachts was centered in Bayliner’s second factory,...
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