California Yacht Sales
2040 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, California 92101, USA

Customer Testimonials

I don't remember ever leaving an online review, positive or negative, for any purchase or service I have ever received, but this company has done an extraordinary job, and deserves some recognition.

Although I have been a boat owner for many years, this was the first time I utilized a broker, and I would highly recommend California Yacht Sales. Ian and Tom were always quick to respond and offered clear explanations on the multiple sides of every decision, and possible outcomes. After each discussion I felt very comfortable with all the information provided, and confident in each final decision that I made.

They were always quick to respond to both email and phone calls, which was extremely helpful with my busy work and travel schedule. I finally purchased a vessel that another broker actually had listed, but Ian and Tom personally stayed with me through the entire process of marine survey, water test, and final transfer of ownership.

After the paperwork was finalized they assisted in moving my vessel from the owner's marina to my marina, as well as dealing with a dinghy that I no longer wanted, since I was out of state on business, and unable to get back to San Diego in a timely manner to take care of it personally.

Over a month later, they have remained fully supportive, offering suggestions on upgrades, cost effective technicians, and just general marina, and boat owner advice.

Their dedication to customer service goes above and beyond my expectations, and I admit that I am a difficult person to please.

Wayne W.

Ian at California Yacht Sales is a great guy and provided us with excellent support and service during and after the purchase of our sailboat. He was helpful in providing us with a market analysis and helped match us to the type of boat that would meet our needs. Couldn't recommend him more highly.

Rick G
Great business! If you're looking for a reliable and affordable boat that'll take you somewhere, chances are you'll find it at California Yacht Sales.
Ashley K
Very responsive crew at CYS! Prompt return of calls and emails Great pointers on how to make the boat a slam dunk sale!
Mr. V
Buckle up, we're going on a ride that's so full of service/respect/courtesy/assistance/integrity, that it's hard to believe. I emailed a dozen brokers and boat owners all along the pacific seaboard, trying to find a boat to live and adventure upon, with my missus and 3 dogs. I received so little data and help from any of them because of how fluid my timelines were. Tom Bossenger, with the aide of Ian Bossenger, at California Yacht Sales, were flawless from the start. 6 months out, Tom answered all my emails, and inane questions, and was never anything less than cordial. For the entire two months it took me to sell my house in Colorado and move my family out to sea. I had questions almost every day. Once out there. He made sure to show me, not just his brokerages vessels, but also any other vessels that met my requirements in the region. Then, when I was stuck between one of their yachts, and another, he didn't try to sell me the one with the better profit margin. He cared more about my family getting the best boat for the buck. (We've been on it almost 3 months and it's divine!) But that's not even close to all. They helped me acrue all the data I needed, and navigate the legalese of sailing. They showed us around San Diego in their off time. They helped us move our belongings from our hotel to our ship in their off time, in their personal vehicles. I've shared beers with them. They've kept in touch since, and for nothing but to be just good people. You cannot do better, ON EARTH, for integrity, efficiency, and courtesy, than Tom & Ian Bossenger at California Yacht Sales. B. Donovan.
B. Donovan

We purchased a boat that was listed with Tom Bossenger of California Yacht Sales. Tom could not have done a better job - he was extremely thorough, polite, professional and honest. After meeting other brokers who were the exact opposite, it was great to deal with Tom. We would highly recommend Tom and California Yacht Sales for your boat buying or selling needs.