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Should I Buy a Power Boat or a Sail Boat

It happens all the time. You might be just walking your dog down by the beach and a boat goes by. The people are having fun and you find yourself longing to be on the water too! This scenario plays itself out, over and over, every day, here, there and everywhere; at the ocean or down at the lake. There are people having fun on the water and thos...
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Why Should You Use a Broker to Buy or Sell a Boat

The age old saying, penny wise and pound foolish, comes to mind when considering whether to use a Broker to buy a boat. Sure you can do it. You may even get lucky. Selling one is another matter all together. Unless you have unlimited time, selling a boat can be more than a real hassle. Your Broker acts like a time-saving filter in those situatio...
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Buying Your First Boat

So, you’ve been thinking about becoming a boat owner. It’s not hard to understand why you’d want to buy a boat. There are very few activities that...
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40' Avanti is "A Whole Lotta Boat"

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on your dream express cruiser. Not just a budget practical cruiser either, but your dream cruiser.  You’re probably picturing a big cockpit, a comfortable and fully equipped helm station, beautiful lines, a wide beam, the wind in your hair, and all of your favorite people alongside you for the ...
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Carver 41 Cockpit Motor Yacht

The ability to get away from the daily grind out on the open water is dream come true for yacht owners. But sometimes after a few days afloat with friends and family, finding a new anchorage turn out to be less important than finding some personal space away from spouses, friends, and family. And that’s where the designers of Carver 41 CMY...
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The Spindrift 52 Motor Yacht

Founded in 1983, Spindrift is a California-based marine business which initially offered motoryachts ranging up to 58 feet in length. Then as now the Spindrift name is synonymous with remarkable quality at a reasonable price. The motoryachts were built with standard equipment lists that read like a marine catalog. With twin diesels, hand-crafted...
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2006 Beneteau 473 For Sale in San Diego

Although Beneteau has roots in its peerless nineteenth-century traditions, today’s sailboats are constructed with the most technically advanced production methods in the business. Beneteau’s 250,000-square-foot U.S. plant in Marion, South Carolina is the most forward-thinking boatbuilding facility in the world. Beneteau utilizes...
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Ready to Race or Cruise Fast!

In 1975 Rod Johnstone was a salesman with a vision. While working as an ad rep for a sailing trade magazine Rod dreamed of building the 24-foot sailboat he had been designing since he completed the Westlawn School of Yacht Design course in the 1960s. In 1976, with only $400, Rod cobbled together enough fiberglass, wood, and rigging to build the ...
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Catalina 40 is Ready to Race and Cruise

In 1969 a new home cost around $28,000, a gallon of gas was 35 cents, and the average American earned $8,400. And in July 1969, Frank Butler founded Catalina Yachts in North Hollywood and built his first sailboat, the Catalina 22. His dream was to build 100 yachts if all went well. In 1974, the trend-setting Catalina 30 was introduced and the de...
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Island Packet 45

In 1996 Cruising World scrutinized 32 yachts before awarding the coveted Best Overall Boat of the Year to the Island Packet 45. Nearly 20 years and 2,200 yachts later the Island Packet remains one of the best sailboats on the water. Built in Largo, Florida, Island Packet yachts are known for innovation, excellence, quality, and perform...
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